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Technical Support
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Technical Support

As soon as possible to deal with our customer needs, while our technical staff can provide customers in the design and material selection to provide technical support and guidance. We provide customers with comprehensive services, including customers, designers and engineers a detailed discussion between the mode of its manufacturing, equipment and the supply of castings, including various grades of castings. In this process will continue to perfect the casting process. We are also study the impact of sand casting tolerances and factors including:

1. Temperature

2. Different types of raw materials

3. Casting temperature

4. Castables pressure

5. Cooling time

6. Design Construction

7. Type shell structure and low-rise

8. Type shell sand constitute

9. The strength and plasticity

In addition to the following chart, we can according to different customer requirements of different materials casting castings, the material can be used standard GB GB; American standard ASTM, AISI; German standard DIN; Day superscript JIS; British standard BS, etc.. If you have special requirements, please contact us for more details.



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